The SHWE Gas Movement: For a Sustainable Future in a Free and Democratic Burma

For a Sustainable Future in a Free and Democratic Burma



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Campaign Goals

In order to ensure that all critical issues are addressed in accordance with the will of the people, international law and human rights principles, the Shwe Gas Movement, appeals to the international community to:

  • Postpone the extraction of the Shwe natural gas deposit until a time when the affected people in Western Burma can participate in decisions about the use of their local resources and related infrastructure development without fearing persecution.
  • Withdraw or freeze all current business with the military regime, and refrain from further investment until dialogue can be held with a democratically elected government.


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Topics in this section:

  • The SHWE Gas Movement:  its history and its member organisations.
  • The Shwe Project: All about the ongoing exploration, drilling, and exploitation of "Shwe" gas off the coast of Arakan State in Western Burma.
  • Campaign Goals

Learn more about: 

  • SHWE Stakeholders: Parties with direct or indirect interest in the processes and outcomes of this development project.
  • The Issues: The four main issues driving the SHWE Gas Movement's campaign.
  • The Latest News: Stay abreast of the most recent SHWE Gas Movement-related news

Take action:

  • Take Action: Learn what you can help stop the ongoing Shwe Project and help the people of Burma.



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