Don’t Underestimate your voice! We believe that if we all join hands, we can make a difference for those that are threatened by the Shwe project. Join us! Despite living under the Burma regime’s control, the Shwe Gas Movement has secretly collected and disseminated information about the project in Burma, including putting up posters, distributing shirts and informational material in the community.

Internationally, the Shwe Gas Movement and its solidarity networks have implemented conferences, seminars, protests and meetings in India, South Korea, Thailand and Bangladesh. The issues regarding the Shwe Gas Project have also been conveyed through other Burma fora.

To date, four Global Days of Action against the Shwe project have been held. With your help and solidarity on six continents, 46 demonstrations have taken place at South Korean and Indian Embassies/consulates as well as Daewoo International offices.

  • Read more about the International day of actions for more details on the past and future events and find the offices of Daewoo International all over the world.
  • Download campaign materials to make your own t-shirts, signs and stickers!
  • Boycott/Divestment Campaigns: Many companies are investing in Burma. Just as boycott and divestment campaigns were effective in helping end South African apartheid, so too can similar campaigns help the oppressed people of Burma. Whether you help persuade your university, your company, or family members to divest and/or stop using blacklisted products, here is a list of companies you should stay away from–and a very effective way to help stop disastrous Shwe project from reaching completion.
  • Letter Writing Campaign: Write a letter to the companies and governments involved. Tell the United Nations, the European Union or the United States to take a more forceful stand against the Burmese junta. Here you’ll find addresses and other information to get you started speaking truth to power.
  • Volunteer: Join the SHWE Gas Movement. The most important thing you can do is help spread the word about our campaign!
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