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Take Action: Boycott and Divest from Companies With Investments in Burma

Many companies are invested in Burma. Learn about the unethical practices this complicity brings about. Download a list of these companies and help organise a boycott or divestment campaign in your community!

The SHWE Gas Movement stands in solidarity with the international trade union movement, which believes that "it is impossible to conduct any trade or engage in other economic activity with Burma without providing direct or indirect support, mostly financial, to the military junta."

Get started by ownloading the Global Union's list of companies with links to Burma.      

The list of companies linked with Burma





If you have ideas for or have participated in actions, let us know. Send us an email at feedback (at) For more information, see our contact us page.

Learn More About the SHWE Gas Movement

Topics in this section:

  • The SHWE Gas Movement:  its history and its member organisations.
  • The Shwe Project: All about the ongoing exploration, drilling, and exploitation of "Shwe" gas off the coast of Arakan State in Western Burma.
  • Campaign Goals: Why postponing the exploitation of this gas is a high priority for the people of Burma and the international community. 

Learn more about: 

  • SHWE Stakeholders: Parties with direct or indirect interest in the processes and outcomes of this development project.
  • The Issues: The four main issues driving the SHWE Gas Movement's campaign.
  • The Latest News: Stay abreast of the most recent SHWE Gas Movement-related news







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