To Daewoo


Sample E-mail Letter to Daewoo


Kim Jae-Yong, President and CEO

Daewoo International

541 5-Ga, Namdaemunno, Chung-gu

Seoul, South Korea

Dear Mr. Kim Jae-Yong,

I am concerned that your company’s Shwe Gas Project in military-ruled Burma will lead to serious human rights abuses and environmental damage. The Shwe Gas Movement has already linked your project to human rights abuses, and if it proceeds it is very likely that it will lead to further abuses, such as forced labour, forced relocation of entire villages, and destroyed livelihoods. People who question the project are already facing arrest and detention by the authorities in western Burma. I am also concerned about the environmental impacts the project will have on Burma’s mangrove forests, wetlands, and coastal regions designated as bird and wildlife sanctuaries.

Your company plans to sell the Shwe gas to China. Your company is risking complicity in environmental degradation and human rights abuses for natural gas that will not make it to the Korean market. This will damage the image of Daewoo International.

I urge you to suspend the Shwe Gas Project until local people can meaningfully take part in decisions affecting their lives, and until the project can proceed free from human rights abuses. Until this demand is met, you can expect me to do the following:

  • boycott your products
  • encourage others to boycott your products
  • divest and encourage others to divest from your company
  • publicize your company’s complicity in human rights abuses against people in Burma that will be affected by the Shwe gas project.
  • encourage the Indian government and citizens of India to start lawsuits against GAIL.
  • join hands with Burmese opposition groups to help bring an end to the Burmese military regime.

Thank you for taking my concerns seriously.