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Take Action: Volunteer with SHWE

Join the SHWE Gas Movement. The most important thing you can do is help spread the word about our campaign! 

You can:

  • Start or join a divestment campaign or boycott the products of corporations that have invested in Burma with the Burmese military government.
  • Tell a friend about this website,
  • give us feedback at feedback (at)
  • read more about Burma in general by following the links in our related links section
  • Spread the word! The Irrawaddy River Dolphin, one species threatened by the SHWE Project









Learn More About the SHWE Gas Movement

Topics in this section:

  • The SHWE Gas Movement:  its history and its member organisations.
  • The Shwe Project: All about the ongoing exploration, drilling, and exploitation of "Shwe" gas off the coast of Arakan State in Western Burma.
  • Campaign Goals: Why postponing the exploitation of this gas is a high priority for the people of Burma and the international community. 

Learn more about: 

  • SHWE Stakeholders: Parties with direct or indirect interest in the processes and outcomes of this development project.
  • The Issues: The four main issues driving the SHWE Gas Movement's campaign.
  • The Latest News: Stay abreast of the most recent SHWE Gas Movement-related news







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