Burma’s Oil and Gas Sector

Burma ranks tenth in the world in terms of natural gas reserve and is rich in other natural resources such as timber, minerals, and gems. The military junta ruling the Burma has accordingly become very adept at “resource diplomacy,” auctioning off the country’s natural resources to its neighbours and powerful world players alike in exchange for revenue and political support.

Oil and Gas Profile


Total Oil & Gas Production in ASEAN countries, 2009
Country Petroleum (Thousand Barrels per Day) Natural Gas (Billion Cubic Feet)
Brunei Darussalam 154.62 406
Cambodia 0 0
Laos 0 0
Malaysia 693 2,069
Myanmar 18.88 408
Philippines 24.57 111
Thailand 401.57 1,091
VietNam 350.4 250
Singapore 10.91 0

Source: US Energy Information Administration



Petroleum (Thousand Barrels per Day) 2008 2009
Total Oil Production 22.15 18.88
Consumption 29.16 33
Natural Gas (Billion Cubic Feet) 2009
Production 408
Consumption 115

Source: US Energy Information Administration