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The SHWE Gas Movement: Related Links

  • The Students Against Total: This is a UK-based pressure group made up of students opposed to Total Oil funding and committing human rights abuses in Burma.

  • Oilwatch: A global resistance network that opposes the activities of oil companies in tropical countries.

  • Political Prisoners in Burma: Detailed accounts and updates of political prisoners in Burma. The website is run by former political prisoners in the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma).
  • Earthrights International: Organisation with years of experience from the infamous Yadana/Yetagun pipeline in Southeastern Burma/Western Thailand. ERI leads the lawsuit of eight affected villagers against the UNOCAL corporation for its complicity in the human rights abuses surrounding the construction of the gas pipeline.
  • US Campaign for Burma: An impressive grassroots movement that emerged in US universities and has spearheaded a number of successful campaigns against companies investing in Burma.
  • The Burma Campaign-UK: Includes a "dirty list" of companies that directly or indirectly help to finance the SPDC.
  • Alternative ASEAN Network on Burma: Includes thorough research on how investments harm the democracy movement in Burma.
  • Salween River Watch and Karen River Watch Forum: Details on military style infrastructure development in Eastern Burma--large hydro electric dams planned on the Salween River.
  • Burma's Government in Exile: Comprehensive updates on how human rights in Burma are discussed in the global corridors of power. The web site is run by parliamentarians that were elected in the 1990 election, and after persecution by the regime fled the country to continue the struggle in exile, as members of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB).
  • Burma Net News: Daily news about Burma, compiled from a number of sites, which also can be subscribed as a free list server. Contains further links to a number of news web sites on Burma.
  • Burma Online Library: One of, if not the, most comprehensive database on Burma to be found on the internet.
  • Business and Human Rights Resource Centre: An independent organisation in partnership with Amnesty International, business groups and leading academic institutions.
  • ECA Watch/International NGO Campaign on Export Credit Agencies: Global watch dog and campaign group monitoring Export Credit Agencies.

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