Protesting for Global Day of Action ,1 March 2012

Published on Mar 02 2012 // Campaign Update

Burma (Global Day of Action)

Public protests took place in Kyauk Phyu and Yangon as part of the 7th Global Day of Action Against the Shwe Gas and Trans-Burma Pipelines Project. Courageous activists and local residents made their opposition to the project known in a loud and public fashion at significant personal risk.  T-shirts stating “Our Gas Our Future” and “Stop China-Myanmar Oil & Gas Pipelines” were distributed and generated much interest among people on the street.

Japan (Global Day of Action)


Bangladesh (Global Day of Action)


Bangkok, Thailand(Global Day of Action)

Over 100 people demonstrated at the Chinese Embassy in Bangkok. The crowd chanted slogans calling for a stop to the Shwe Gas and Pipelines Project and for domestic utilization of Burma’s energy resources before exportation. Activists delivered a copy of the Shwe Gas Movement’s open letter to President Thein Sein to embassy staff. A number of media covered the demonstration.


Chiang Mai,Thailand (Global Day of Action)

In Chiang Mai the large mock-pipeline reading “Stop The Pipelines” grabbed public attention as activists held it up in front of the Chinese Consulate on Chang Lor Road. Approximately 50 people held signs and chanted slogans while organizers spoke to the media. After 30 minutes a copy of the Shwe Gas Movement’s open letter to President Thein Sein was given to a consulate staff member along with a copy of The Shwe Gas Movements recent report Sold  Out: launch of China pipeline project unleashes abuse across Burma.