Human rights abuses

Extortion and intimidation
Workers on project sites are forced to work overtime with no pay and are threatened if they complain about their working conditions. In September 2010 twelve construction workers in Kyauk Pyhyu employed by a subsidiary of Deawoo International were fired after they publicaly complained about not receiving wages owed to them.

Killings and beatings

In December 2010, 26 year old Ko Maung Wong was shot dead at the Japanma jetty (Kyauk Phyu Township) by a Sergeant from Light Infantry Battalion 542 simply for not stopping his boat immediately when approached by soldiers on the water. The soldiers were out collecting arbitrary taxes on fishermen.

Forced labor
Used for the construction of project-related roads in Arakan State and to build the pipeline related infrastructure in Magwe Division.

Land confiscation
Is being carried out with forced eviction by local authorities, company representatives and the police. People living on Maday and Ramree islands have so far been the most affected in Arakan State.