SGM and Partner Publications

2011 Fact Sheet Download PDF (219KB)

Sold Out Download PDF

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Complaint Download PDF

Corridor of Power Download PDF (2.5MB)

A 44-page report on the Shwe Gas Project and the Trans-Burma Oil Corridor, detailing the route of the pipelines and analyzing the risks for the affected communities in Burma as well as corporations, governments and investors. Released by the Shwe Gas Movement in September 2009.

Unfair Deal

A 48-page report detailing India’s involvement in the Shwe Gas Project and other cooperation with the Burma regime through its Look-East policy. Released by Shwe Gas Campaign-India in June 2009.

Blocking Freedom Download PDF (4.4MB)

A 36-page report on China’s oil and gas investments in Burma, with a case study of exploration in Burma’s Block M, through which the Shwe pipelines will traverse. Released by Arakan Oil Watch in October, 2008.

Supply and Command Download PDF (1.09 Mb)
A comprehensive 50-page report on the impacts of the Shwe project. Released by AASYC/SGM July 2006.