Trains of thought

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Some more:

1. Back when I was an NKOTB fan, I always had a crush on Joe, because he was closest to my age and therefore more likely to be the man I married.

2.I had more than the maximum 2 free drinks when Jason and I toured the Coors factory. Beer is so much better when it's really, really cold.

3. When Jason drives and I don't think he's going fast enough, I actually lean forward in the passenger seat, like I can somehow force the car to speed up.

4. I order the same thing every time I go to a certain restaurant more than once. I just find the thing I eat and stick with it.

5. Love the smell of coffee. Can't stand to drink it.

6. When I was in sixth grade, my family moved out of the house we couldn't afford and into a motel for about six months. It was nice to have a pool, but that was about the only good part. My nephew and I were wandering around one day and found some discarded skin mags behind the building. My first experience with porn. Good times.

7. I call bloggers I've never met or even talked to by their first names.

8. Since Jason bought me my snazzy Nikon for Christmas three years ago, I've taken roughly 8,000 digital photos.

9. I hate smoking. HATE. With a passion. One of my co-workers smokes in his car, windows rolled up, and when he comes back from lunch and walks into my cube, I have to cover my nose and mouth because the smell is so powerful.

10. I take a lot of baths. Three or four a week. And if it's a midday bath, I'll bring my laptop with me and prop it up on the tub surround. Never a wasted moment!

I think we're running out of paper people who haven't done this yet, so. Ruby Red, you're up!