Trains of thought

Let's see.

Egads! Frances McPantses tagged me to blog about 20 things that I haven't blogged about before.

That's really, really tough. I mean, I have to go back and read my archives because I can't remember stuff I talked about.

1. I just got a new bra. The underwire in my old one broke, and I wore it until said underwire broke through its protective casing and started scratching the underside of my right boob. Why did you wear the broken bra, Julie? Because there aren't a lot of stores around these parts (or most parts, I've discovered) that sell a 38F. Smallish ribcage, humongous boobs. It's a curse.

2. Related to boobs. I'm getting a breast reduction next year. It's a fact. Don't know a date, because it will depend on when I'm at my goal weight. Then I can go to a doctor and say, "Look! They're not just big because I'm a fattie!" I've talked about getting one before, in that "someday" sense, but now I'm actually going to make it happen. And make someone else pay for it.

3. I won a spelling bee in third grade. It's been all downhill since then.

4. I've never bought a purse that cost more than $20.

5. I spend WAY too much money on magazines. I probably buy at least a dozen a month, in addition to subscriptions.

6. I fart. A lot. Loudly. And I announce them. It drives Jason bonkers. But they're all mostly loud and harmless rather than silent but deadly.

7. I have 1651 fonts on my laptop.

8. I have a weakness for mashed potatoes. I can eat a whole bowl as a meal.

9. I read the featured article on every day. Sometimes I feel like they only thing they'll be useful for is a new edition of Trivial Pursuit, but I feel a tad bit smarter in general. But I'll still never beat The Mother at Jeopardy.

10. I have a little brother. His name is Shawn, and he's seven, I think. My dad and I don't really speak - the last time I saw him was right after Jason and I got engaged, when we flew down there after discovering Dad had cancer, and that was the first time I'd met my brother. I found out about him on a phone call a week or so prior. I haven't talked to him since.